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Related article: Suddenly Calvin rears up on his knees. "Gotta go," he announces urgently,
and bolts for the toilet, which is in a little room of its own off the side
of the main part of the bathroom. He shuts the door, but we hear his
groaning clearly. He's either really enjoying the sensation of the enema
rushing out of him, or he's really really not. Hard to tell.
"Josh?" Reese says, quietly.
"Yeah, Reese?"
"I'm not sure about this."
"About what?"
"About this whole anal thing."
"Reese, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do"
"But you know how Cal is. If he asks me, I'll end up doing anything he
"He has that effect on you, too?" I chuckle.
"Yeah, he does. Always has." He seems to be remembering things that extend
far back in their lives together. I'd give anything to be able to see what
he's seeing right now.
"Why have you never been fucked?"
I think about this for a moment.
"It's just not something that I have ever really wanted to do, I
guess. Maybe the right opportunity hasn't presented itself. I mean, what
you guys did to me out in the hot tub was fucking amazing. My ass has never
felt that good. If you had asked me right then, I would have let you stick
whatever you wanted up there, I was so into it."
"Good thing Cal didn't know that."
"Yeah," I agree. "But maybe that's how I would answer your question. I've
never been fucked because the right guy hasn't asked me at the right
time. If that happens at some point, I could see giving it up to him. Until
today, I wouldn't have thought that. Just another thing I've learned this
"I think it's pretty clear that you've taught more than you've learned this
weekend. I mean, look at us. Two days Preteen Lesbians
ago, we weren't even speaking to each
other, and now we're on our hands and knees letting you hose out our
"We've all come pretty far, I guess."
"Dude! You have to do that!" Calvin shouts as the door to the toilet flies
open. "It's fucking awesome!"
"Yeah, I think it's about time," Reese agrees as he gingerly makes his way
to his feet and passes Calvin on the way to the toilet. The door closes,
and I try to make out by the sounds whether he's okay in there. Not sure.
Calvin stands before me, naked and beaming.
"You are the man," he announces, bouncing up onto his toes and back down,
up and down. His cock is bobbing at me, beckoning. But now it kind of
belongs to someone else. That thought gives me a twinge in my gut, but
just for a moment.
"Nah, I just do what I can to help," I modestly reply.
"Can we go again?" he asks, planting himself back down on the rug.
"How about if you and Reese do each other this time?" I suggest. "You know
what they say, 'give a man an enema, and he'll get fucked once. Teach a man
to give an enema, and he's fucked for life.' Or something like that. I
forget how it goes, exactly."
Calvin laughs. "Maybe Aunt Emily has that cross-stitched on a doily
somewhere. We'll have to look for it later."
Of all of the things I've dreamed about doing if I was ever alone with a
naked man on his hands and knees, laughing until I cry was never one of
them. But it seems right, somehow, completely right.
We hear the toilet flush, and Reese appears in the doorway.
"Well, that was ... different," he says, slowly.
"You okay, buddy?" asks Calvin, getting to his feet and coming to Reese's
"Oh, hell yeah. We doing this Preteen Lesbians again?" Reese clearly found something to
enjoy about the experience.
"Josh says we should do each other, kind of a hands-on application of what
we've learned. You ready?"
"Fuck yeah. Let's do this thing."
"Me first!" Calvin throws himself down on all fours, legs spread wide. He
lowers his forehead to the rug, reaches around behind him, and pulls his
asscheeks apart. His hole, glowing with all of the attention it's been
getting, twitches in the cleft, hungry.
Reese steps up. I Preteen Lesbians hand him an enema bottle, and nod my head toward Calvin's
waiting ass. He takes it, presses the nozzle to the pucker, and pushes it
in. He smiles, like he's a caveman who's just Preteen Lesbians
discovered fire. He squeezes
the bottle and watches the liquid flow into his best friend's ass.
"Done already?" Calvin whimpers when the bottle is empty. "We need to find
larger ones somewhere."
"Dude, you're a total ho," laughs Reese. "Now get up and do me."
"With pleasure, sir." Calvin springs up and grabs the last enema out of my
Reese settles onto the floor, hands and knees, and waits.
"Come on, help a brother out here," whines Calvin. Reese reaches back as
Calvin had done, spreads his own ass wide open, and waits.
"Fuck, man, you are ... okay, I'll say it," he says, with a glance at
me. "Reese, you are beautiful."
He leans down close to Reese's tightly buttoned ass. Instead of the enema
nozzle, what Reese feels poking him is Calvin's tongue.
"Stop it! We're not done Preteen Lesbians yet!" growls Reese.
"Mmmmppphhh!" is all Calvin can say in reply. To be fair, it's hard to
enunciate when one's tongue is shoved completely into another person's
asshole. Try it sometime!
"Okay, okay," Calvin says, regretfully, as he pulls out of Reese. "Here
goes!" He thrusts the nozzle home with perhaps more gusto than Reese was
expecting, but he holds the bottle firmly in his friend's ass.
"Ready?" he asks.
"Go already," replies Reese.
Calvin's hand, the product of years of intense physical training in the
grasping and holding of footballs (and baseballs and rugby balls...)
flattens the enema bottle so rapidly I think it's going to burst. The
resulting jet has to have reached Reese's throat from the inside.
"Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuck." breathes Reese, as he struggles to keep himself from
Calvin yanks the nozzle free, and then sits back on his heels to admire his
work. "That is one fine ass. I am so boning you tonight."
"You, sir, are a romantic," mutters Reese. "And now, I have some stuff to
blow out my ass, if you'll excuse me."
He gets up and walks off to the toilet, leaving me alone with Calvin, who
is seriously tumescent. A drop of clear pre-cum drips in a long, spidery
thread from the tip of his enormous cock.
"So," Calvin begins. Am I really going to be making small talk with a naked
hunk of man with a dripping dick while his lover evacuates his bowels in
the next room? My fairy godmother is fucked up in the head.
"What do you think it's like to be, you know..." he trails off, suddenly
"Fucked in the ass?" I cheerfully offer.

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